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The 2nd Grade Shines in Portrayal of Rainbow Crow

The 2nd Grade Shines in Portrayal of Rainbow Crow

Anticipation filled the Harris Theater for the 2nd Grade's performance of Rainbow Crow—a Lenape Native American legend that tells the story of a crow with brilliantly colored feathers who sacrifices his beauty to bring warmth and light back to his freezing, darkened world. 

Directed by music teacher Jess Beja and supported by the creative talents of art teacher Brigid Coffey and music director Kayla Sorenson, the stage was certainly set for a magical journey bringing nature to life.

Head of School Dr. Jesse Dougherty set the tone with words of encouragement, praising the students' collaborative spirit and their dedication to portraying characters with finesse. As the young actors took their places, their faces lit up with smiles and their enthusiasm was palpable in the waves exchanged with the audience.

Coffey’s skillful set design transported the audience into the heart of nature, setting the perfect backdrop for this legendary tale. Accompanied by Sorenson's wonderful talent on the piano, the students—dressed as creatures from the story—sang with gusto, filling the theater with melodies that captured the essence of the story. 

From playful Mice to Sky Spirits crowned with rays of sunshine to Crows adorned with rainbow-feather boas, each child embodied their character and narrated their lines with pride and confidence. Through the crow's journey, the themes of selflessness, sacrifice, and the importance of community and the environment resonated deeply, leaving a lasting impression on all who watched.

As the final notes of "Over the Rainbow" faded into a roaring applause, it was a clear testament to the students' hard work and dedication. 

Additional thanks goes to Head of Lower School Heather Wagner; our 2nd Grade team: Lisa Del Prete, Christina Gong, Takesha Graham, and Helen Yu-Holguin; our technology extraordinaire Danielle Maggi; the music and art departments; photographer and videographer Chloe Johnson; and all of the enthusiastic attendees in the audience.