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Field Day & Blue-Gold

Whether Team Blue or Team Gold, the allegiance is for life.

A unanimously cited highlight of Green Vale is the annual Blue vs. Gold competition culminating at Blue-Gold Day in early June.  Students are assigned to a team in 4th Grade at a momentous induction ceremony held in the outdoor amphitheater, where 8th Grade team captains welcome the newest members. Blue-Gold Day dates back to 1933, and has been Green Vale’s most beloved tradition ever since.

Held on a Friday, Blue-Gold Day is attended by cheering parents as well as younger students. Following team pep rallies and the national anthem performed by the Green Vale Voices chorus, events involving all students include sprint races, longer relays, obstacle courses, tug-o-war, and the signature GVS "caterpillar walk". Confetti rockets accompany the announcement of the winner at day's end.

The following Monday, the tradition continues with a picnic lunch, with losing team members bringing the sandwich of choice for someone on the winning team, and the opponents eating in harmony. 

Even more than the highly spirited competition, Blue-Gold is about belonging to something larger than yourself, something that has endured before you and will continue beyond you. 

We prime our younger students for Blue Gold Day in the younger years…

For the youngest students on campus (The Early Childhood division), Green Vale hosts an annual Winter Olympics in January in the Watters Center gymnasium.  Parents are invited to watch and cheer on their little ones as they run and climb through various mini obstacle courses.

Field Day for Grades 1-3 offers an age appropriate field day as the perfect precursor for Blue Gold Day of their futures.   

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